Picture Framing School

If you are interested in starting your own custom picture framing business and learning the skills and techniques of professional picture framing, you can achieve these aims by enrolling in one of the many comprehensive, hands-on picture framing clases you will find here.

They will teach you the art of creative mat cutting, mat decoration and mounting techniques, how to select the proper mats for each framing job and how to select the right moulding and then make your own frames. You will be encouraged to develop skills in mat selection which includes selecting the correct colours. Many stress conservation/preservation techniques, which you will master while in training.

You will learn how to create multiple opening mats, Kobe corners, off sets, double bevels, ribbon mats, inlays, ovals and circles and many more. You will learn how to mount oil paintings and will mount needle art using preservation techniques. You will learn business practices, how to set up you own business, how to price for profit, customer relations, advertising, suppliers, equipment, cost of materials and much more.

Many framing schools offer certificates of achievement, which you will frame using preservation techniques. Some of the programs you will find has been structured over the past years to graduate students who are professional and have the necessary skills and knowledge, who are confident, able and eager to open their own business. Some instructors have been framing and teaching framing for decades and are Certified Picture Framers. So, get ready to take on new challenges in the field of picture framing!